Ready For It All…

“I’m Ready” is somewhat of a sequel to the previously released track “I Wanna Be.” Whereas the latter was very hopeful and captures a young writer pleading to God for the success and recognition that every hungry artist desires, “I’m Ready” introduces a much more confident character making his presence known to potential fans. The young writer has grown into a seasoned artist who has done all the pre-game warm-ups and is now ready to be received as a superstar entertainer. The song was produced, written, recorded, mixed, and mastered in the span of about 4 hours.



From sun down to sun up…

To me, “I wanna be” is a laid-back anthem for young dreamers who have decided that anything less than the top is unacceptable. The hypnotic beat gave me the backdrop to pen this letter to ambitious aspiring musicians. The chorus of the song is an excerpt from Memphis Bleek’s verse on the song “Hand It Down” at the beginning of Jay-Z’s multiplatinum album Hard Knock Life Vol. 2.


Behind the Music (live)