Who is 5th?

From recording karaoke machine mixtapes with his older brother, to independently releasing two classic solo albums, 5th Child has evolved into one of the South’s most groundbreaking artists.

Hailing from Jackson, MS, 5th Child blends southern bravado with thought provoking lyrics and soulful production to give listeners catchy music that can rock to and grow from at the same time. This artist/producer mixes poetic commentary with real life stories, giving listeners an alternative to the overly-mainstream or overly-underground music of most artists. While 5th Child’s production is exceptional, and his ability to communicate life through lyrics is rarely duplicated, seeing 5th Child live is truly an unforgettable experience.

As a completely independent artist, 5th Child has executive produced five albums, gotten full rotation on Clear Channel Radio, engineered recording sessions for major label artists, and opened for veteran acts within the last four years. “In the same way that Outkast is Atlanta or Jay-Z is Brooklyn, 5th Child is Jackson, Miss. If we as a state want representation on the national level, this is the guy to make it happen.” – David Dennis of the Jackson Free Press.

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